Tawnyhill Boarding Kennels

Health & Wellbeing

Tawnyhill Boarding Kennels - Jean and Charlotte walking dogs

Protecting your dog

Please ensure your dog is treated for fleas and wormed regularly before boarding. If your dog needs to be treated for fleas or wormed whilst on our premises, these costs will be passed on to your account.


All dogs accepted for boarding must be accompanied by a current vaccination certificate. No dog will be accepted by the kennels without the certificate being examined.

Vaccination for kennel cough is not compulsory but is recommended. If you choose to vaccinate against kennel cough, it should be administered at least two weeks before boarding commences; otherwise we will not board your dog as this can be contagious to other dogs.

Medication & Veterinary Care

If leaving medication for us to administer to your dog, please make sure that the medication is in the proper packaging with full written instructions from your vet.

Our registered vet is Lady Dane Veterinary Centre in Faversham who will treat any dog if required whilst boarding.